The Guild group meets in the Church Lounge every Wednesday afternoon at 1.45pm in October and November, February and March in the Church Lounge. The next meeting is in October.

Guild Week in November gave us an opportunity to publicise the work of the Guild – we are a very small part of an organisation of 25,000 members!


Because we are few, we do not often have outside speakers, but this session we have been able to invite several who do not mind coming to a small audience. Much of the time, we are able to draw on the talents and experiences of our own members, and we have been privileged to share their wide range of interests, hobbies and stories of life and faith.


The Church of Scotland Guild provides many excellent resources and materials to go along with the yearly Themes. 


Further information from Norah 01324 625284, Christine 01324 713746 or Fiona 01324 632387

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