Stained glass

When the present building of what was then Falkirk Parish Church (now Falkirk Trinity Church), was erected in 1811 there was no stained glass. It was not until Provost Robert Adam, who as a heritor and member of the Parish Church was aware that the sanctuary was devoid of ornamentation, successfully led a move to improve matters.

In 1852, stained glass was fitted into the two large windows on either side of the pulpit. At the time the windows were much longer than today, as they stretched down to the same level as the other windows on the corners of that north wall. The work was carried out by the Edinburgh firm of Ballentine and Allan. The pattern was a simple one of geometric circles and the colours were mainly confined to bright blue and red, and at the time they were greatly admired.

Ten years later in 1862, Provost Adam was again successful in his exertions for having more stained glass installed, this time in the upper gallery on the East and West walls Once again Ballantine and Allan were given the contract and these windows can still be seen there today.

The window in the West gallery was another move forward in that it has a very fine painted tree (burning bush symbol perhaps). It was recently identified by a stained glass conservator as glass painting of the highest quality and the most technically difficult important piece of glass painting in the church.


The two major stained glass windows which replaced earlier ones on either side of the pulpit wall were installed in 1897 and are the work of Christopher Whitworth Whall of London (1849 -1924). He was a leading figure in the Art and Craft movement, and an influential teacher of the craft of Stained Glass. The windows were the result of a legacy from Mr Archibald Melville and are in memory of his father John Melville of Kersehill, and his own wife and child who had predeceased him. The subject of the two windows is Love fulfilling the Law; in the first instance our duty to God (the Love of God) and in the second our duty to man (Love of our neighbour).



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