One of the most successful social groups for the elderly or housebound of local churches is the Wanderers Group.

It started a number of years ago, initially for members of our Church but within months a welcome was extended to members and their friends from other Falkirk churches.


Going out for afternoon tea is an outing enjoyed by many – but not if you are on your own or have mobility restrictions. To be picked up at your house and delivered back to your door, visit villages within a thirty mile radius of Falkirk, have your afternoon tea waiting for you at a welcoming tearoom, are all features which have made this an attractive activity.


An Order of Malta bus is used, and all drivers and escorts are trained. A small cost per head covers the van hire, insurance, petrol, and afternoon tea. Well over a hundred people have used this service over the years.


With outings taking place every fortnight for most months, we usually achieve twenty-plus outings per year.


To see the new friendships that have been formed and to find school friendships renewed after sixty or seventy years gap has been a joy to all involved.


Dates for outings are advertised in the Monthly Church News - if you are interested in coming along, please contact the Office


Frequently Asked Questions:


For those who have not travelled with the Wanderers here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Wanderers:


Cost - £7.50 per head.  This cost covers being picked up and deposited back at your house PLUS the cost of afternoon tea.

Who can join the Wanderers’ Club? – The Wanderers group is not a club. It is a service provided for ALL members of Falkirk churches and their friends. So far over 100 people have taken advantage of these outings.
How long do the outings last? – Pick up time is between noon and 1.00p.m. and we are back in Falkirk just after 4.00p.m.
How far do you travel? – We’ve been to Drymen, Hamilton, Biggar, Queensferry, Limerigg, Dunmore, Crieff, etc..  Anywhere within 75 minutes of Falkirk. Our name, Wanderers, has ensured that we don’t always take the direct route!
How big is the bus? – The bus used is hired from the Order of Malta Association. While it would be possible to carry 16 passengers, we seldom carry more than 12 as we find it takes at least an hour to explore Falkirk as we pick up our passengers. It is fitted with a ramp to allow access for those who find bus steps difficult.
Where does the bus leave from? – Passengers are picked up AND dropped off back at their homes.
Who drives the bus? – We have several people who have sat a MIDAS test allowing them to drive this special bus.
How often do these outings take place? – Roughly once a fortnight always on different days of the week.
How can I get my name put on the list? – Phone the Office on  01324 611017
Shall I know anyone? – For someone new to the area and/or church please come along. With our small number on the bus friends are quickly made. We now have a reputation for encouraging new friendships.
What if I have to call off at the last minute? – Usually there are more people asking to go on the trips than there are places so late ‘applicants’ can cover for cancellations. New enquirers are given priority.

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