Our Services

Important Coronavirus Information – Our Worship services have now resumed. Numbers attending will be limited to 40 and places must be pre-booked using the guidance set out in the Church News.  The Church Office is open remotely, Monday – Wednesday from 9.00am – 2.30pm. Recorded services are being posted online weekly and you can watch these here. Stay safe.

We are a welcoming, lively and inclusive Church in the heart of Falkirk. Services are normally held here at 11.00am on Sunday mornings and last approximately an hour. All are welcome to worship with us. Services are led by our Minister, Rev Robert Allan. In normal circumstances, our services can also be watched live online.

Children are always welcome at our services and the first part of our worship is suitable for all ages. We have a crèche available for the under 5s and S-Kidz for primary school age children, both of which meet in the Main Hall after the all-age part of the service and Youth Station, for secondary age young people, meet in the Lounge after the all-age part of the service.

All are welcome to worship with us on Sunday mornings. We encourage all people, of all ages, to join us in worship and to come to faith in their own time.

Our worship approach is relatively informal and relaxed and we encourage members to participate in our services; to read, lead prayers, and to participate in drama.

Prayer Tree

Our Prayer Tree is sited in the Archway Vestibule. Please add the names of those for whom prayers are needed on the hearts and hang these on the tree. Our prayer tree is often filled with requests from people we don’t know who have a longing or a need and we gladly pray for them.

Our Prayer Group will collect these and pray for those in need.

For Prayer and Reflection

Some prayer suggestions and reflections for each day of December…

  1. World AIDS Day – pray for all living with HIV/AIDS, and those who work in treatment and prevention.
  2. Trinity Guild meetings would have finished last Wednesday, but we’re trying to stay connected – pray for all      the members.
  3. With every Christmas card you write, say a prayer for the friend or relation who will receive it.
  4. So you’ve written your cards already? Say a prayer for those of us who haven’t! And for those who maybe won’t  be receiving many, or any, cards.
  5. Pray for people newly diagnosed with Covid 19, and for their families.
  6. St Nicholas Day – in many countries the day when children receive sweets or fruit or small gifts in a little            basket or shoe. Pray for all children, everywhere.
  7. Pray for all doctors and nurses; hospital cleaners. porters, kitchen and office staff; Care Home staff and home    carers.
  8. Remember refugees, asylum seekers, all who are displaced from their own homes or countries, and pray  for      those who work to look after them.
  9. Pray for the folk who used to come to our café and are missing the company.
  10. Pray for the Book Group’s Quiz Night, raising money for Tearfund, Labelled with Love (our clothing project)      and Home Start, Falkirk.
  11. Hanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights – pray for our brothers and sisters of other faiths, whose festivals have    also been affected by the pandemic.
  12. Pray for people working at home, missing the companionship of the workplace.
  13. St Lucy’s Day is a traditional Swedish celebration, with candles and lights  – just what we need on these dark      days! Light a candle, if you can do so safely.
  14. Pray for our Minister Robert and his family; for Laura our Probationer Minister and her loved ones; for Morag our Session Clerk and the Kirk Session members who are entrusted with the oversight of our congregation.
  15. Pray for all members of our congregation, unable to worship together, or to visit each other as they would wish, but bound together by love and concern.
  16. The middle of the month – take a few minutes to sit quietly and reflect on the real meaning of the Advent / Christmas season.
  17. Pray for all who are experiencing mental health problems, whether or not connected to the pandemic.
  18. Pray for teachers and other school staff, dealing with many extra issues that weren’t in their job description.
  19. Pray for people dealing with health conditions now overshadowed by Covid19, but just as serious for them.
  20. Give thanks for all who facilitate our Sunday services. Pray for those who attend, and those who don’t yet feel they can do so..
  21. Remember our children and young people looking forward to holidays, and those for whom holidays are a difficult time.
  22. Give thanks for all involved in putting the food on our tables – producers, transport workers, shelf-stackers, checkout operators, delivery drivers.
  23. Are your presents wrapped? Wrap all your loved ones in a prayer for their well-being at this Christmas-tide which is like no other we have known.
  24. Christmas Eve – O hush the noise and still the strife, to hear the angels sing. Glory to God in the Highest! Peace on earth!
  25. Happy Christmas! It may not be quite like any other, but we still have tidings of great joy to share, virtually or however we can. God bless us every one!
  26. The Feast of Stephen – remember Wenceslas and pray for the poor, the homeless, the destitute, and pray for those who could alleviate their situation.
  27. Remember those who are now feeling the post-Christmas let-down, and dreading the return to long dark days with little to look forward to.
  28. 2020 is nearly gone – remember those whose lives have been for ever changed by its events, and reflect a little on the joys (yes, we have all had some!) and sorrows (those too) of your own year.
  29. 2020 is nearly gone. Give thanks for all that was good in it – selflessness, generosity, neighbourliness, medical advances, love.
  30. 2020 is nearly gone. Pray that 2021 will bring peace, healing, and love to a weary damaged world, and that we may play our part in making that happen.
  31. Prepare to open your new Kazunzu calendar, and pray for the village, its builders and inhabitants.

“May God’s blessing surround you each day as you trust him and walk in his way.”




Sunday Morning Worship – Live from Falkirk Trinity Church at 11.00am

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Sunday Services in Trinity are suspended. Recorded services are posted here on our Vimeo channel. If you experience issues viewing please contact us.

Missed the live service?

You can view recordings of our most recent Sunday services here on our Vimeo channel.