Our Services

We are a welcoming, lively and inclusive Church in the heart of Falkirk. Services are held here at 11.00am on Sunday mornings and last approximately an hour. All are welcome to worship with us. Services are led by our Minister, Rev Robert Allan. Our services can also be watched live online.

Children are always welcome at our services and the first part of our worship is suitable for all ages. Our “Wee Bairns”, for children up to Primary One, meet in the Lounge; S-Kidz, for children up to Primary Six, will meet in the hall; and Youth Station, for young people in Primary Seven onwards, will meet in the coffee room.

All are welcome to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 11am. We encourage all people, of all ages, to join us in worship and to come to faith in their own time.

Our worship approach is relatively informal and relaxed and we encourage members to participate in our services; to read, lead prayers, and to participate in drama.

Holy Week Services

Come and join us in April during Holy Week for any, or all, of the following events:

Monday 15th from 7.00pm until 7.30pm – Upturned tables meditation
Tuesday 16th anytime between noon and 7.30pm – Explore the Labyrinth
Wednesday 17th from 7.00pm until 7.30pm – Holy Week Holy Land meditation
Thursday 18th from 7.00pm until 7.45pm – Maundy Thursday Cheese, Crackers and Communion
Friday 19th from noon until 1.00pm – Reflective music with Bob Tait & from 7.00pm until 7.45pm – Around the Cross Good Friday service

Prayer Tree

Our Prayer Tree is sited in the Archway Vestibule. Please add the names of those for whom prayers are needed on the hearts and hang these on the tree. Our prayer tree is often filled with requests from people we don’t know who have a longing or a need and we gladly pray for them.

Our Prayer Group will collect these and pray for those in need.

For Prayer and Reflection

Pray for all those gathered as the General Assembly of our national Church, meeting in Edinburgh this week. They face difficult decisions as they contemplate the way forward for the Church. Pray for courage and vision to do the right thing.

Pray for our new Moderator of Assembly, Colin Sinclair, and his family, as he embarks on his year in office as an ambassador for the Church at home and abroad.

Please continue to remember the poorest in our world and the work of Christian Aid to help them. Spread the word and visit our big booksale this week in the Church, raising important funds to help this great cause.

Pray for all who are celebrating new birth; pray for all who are celebrating marriage; pray also for those with tears in their eyes as they celebrate the life of a loved one now departed, may they know God’s peace.

Pray that God’s wonderful love will reach the hearts of more and more people throughout the world, transforming lives and Churches and communities, bringing harmony to our world.

Reflect on the new commandment from Jesus – “love one another” – “then everyone will know that you are my disciples.”

You can find our weekly prayer and reflection posts on the Falkirk Trinity Church facebook page.

Sunday Morning Worship – Live from Falkirk Trinity Church at 11.00am

Click the image above to view our Sunday service live. If you experience issues viewing please contact us.

Missed the live service?

You can view recordings of our most recent Sunday services here on our Vimeo channel.