Trinity Transforming Lives

It is our vision to transform lives, spiritually, practically, and emotionally, in the local and global community.

We go forward in faith and simply join Jesus in travelling the road ahead. We know the statistics of decline in the Church of Scotland and so we seek renewal of the Church for ourselves and for future generations. We want to see our Church full, used, and accessible throughout the week, offering support to those in need, near and far, and bringing more people to faith as we offer a warm and inclusive welcome and a positive image of Church to all. We build on the strong union of three Churches with many committed members, willing to try new things. In common with many Churches, we need to renew our efforts to encourage younger people in the life of the Church.

Our Church lies in the heart of Falkirk and is part of the Church of Scotland. We worship in the historic town centre building known as ‘The Faw Kirk’, from which the town takes its name. But more than simply a building, we believe the Church is first and foremost a people.

Sunday services are held at 10.30am and Wednesday Worship at 11.30am, adhering to these guidelines. Recorded services are being posted online weekly and you can watch them here.

The Cafe in the Kirk is open on Wednesdays from 10am for tea, coffee and scones and from noon until 2pm for light lunches.

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