For Prayer and Reflection

Some prayer suggestions and reflections for the month of June…..

  1. Pray for all attending our Presbytery meeting today. May they grow in grace and understanding as we continue to find new ways of mission.
  2. Communion Sunday There is a place at the table for everyone who loves the Lord and seeks to know him more.
  3. It’s volunteers’ week. Give thanks for all who give their time and talents to build a fair and just society for all people.
  4. Pray for our elders as they meet tonight as a Kirk Session. May the Holy Spirit inspire their deliberations.
  5. Today we worship with friends at Burnbrae Nursing Home. Pray for all residents and staff in care homes and all providing and receiving care at home.
  6. Tonight is the Bohemians Concert Party event for Christian Aid May their music and caring hearts be a blessing to the audience and to those most in need in our world
  7. Give thanks for true friends – they are a gift from God.
  8. Whether in the heights or depths, light or darkness; may you never forget God’s unending love for you
  9. Sunday BBQ Lunch after service. Give thanks for this opportunity for fellowship and to celebrate each other. Remember those who are unable to attend.
  10. Forgive us when we take the path of least resistance even when it is littered with injustice.
  11. If the farmer doesn’t work, we die of hunger, Pray for farmers around the world.
  12. I am He who will sustain you, I have made you and I will carry you.”
  13. Give thanks for the fellowship and fun of the Mini Treats Outing today.
  14. Pray for all victims of wars past and present and never stop praying for peace on earth.
  15. All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above. Thank the Lord for all his love.
  16. Give thanks that we are part of God’s family with the joy and comfort of calling Him Our Father.
  17. Hope is not wishful thinking. It is trusting in Jesus. It is an anchor when life threatens to overwhelm.
  18. Father in all our tasks today, give us wit and wisdom, give us love which never tires, give us Your abiding patience, give us hope which aye inspires.”
  19. Faith can sing through days of sorrow “All, all is well” Pray for all those who are grieving or sad today.
  20. The Lord of sea and sky asks “Who will bear my light to My people, whom shall I send? Pray that we all might respond “I will go, Lord if you lead me”.
  21. On Make Music Day sing to our God, for he is great; trust in his name, for it is true.
  22. Jesus bids us shine -you in your small corner and I in mine
  23. On Sanctuary Sunday remember the refugees who are part of our community, and displaced people around the world
  24. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
  25.  When we cannot find the right words, remember a hug is a kind of prayer.
  26. The Church is wherever God’s people are seeking to reach out and touch folk wherever they are.
  27. Everywhere there is care and love, God is present. Give thanks for all those who love and care for us.
  28. School breaks up for summer today. Pray for pupils, teachers, school staff and families. Remember particularly those who find this long holiday a worry, a struggle, or a time of fear.
  29. Pray for those facing major life changes As they take one step into the unknown, may they feel God walking with them.
  30. Half the year gone, half still to come. Let us look back with thanks, look forward in faith and go onwards with Christ in loving service.


May God’s blessing surround you each day as you trust him and walk in his way.”