For Prayer and Reflection

Some prayer suggestions and reflections for each day of January…

  1. New Year, new hopes, bring them to God in prayer.
  2. New Year, same old us? What do you need to change?
  3. New Year, years pass so quickly, savour each new day.
  4. New Year, new start, forgive and ask forgiveness.
  5. New Year, new school term, pray for teachers and pupils.
  6. New Year, new wineskins, embrace change.
  7. New Year, what positive difference are you going to make to 2022?
  8. Pray for Christian Aid and the DEC Appeal for Afghanistan
  9. Worship online, give thanks for the benefits of technology.
  10. When things look down, look up!
  11. Joshua said to the people, “Decide today whom you will serve.”
  12. O soul are you weary and troubled? Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
  13. Pray for the work of our Family Life Centre
  14. Did your parents or grandparents have a wise saying? Ponder it today.
  15. Pray for Presbytery Plans in the making that they will be courageous and visionary.
  16. Worship is never cancelled. Worship is how we live our lives.
  17. Can you find a quiet space for ten minutes? God wants to speak to you.
  18. Departed loved ones on your mind? Remember with thanksgiving.
  19. Pray for the Vine Trust
  20. When troubled, call to the Lord.
  21. Pray for someone you don’t get on with.
  22. Count the cost of following Jesus. Ready to follow?
  23. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life.
  24. If you were arrested for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?
  25. Church is not a building, it’s a people! Pray for all God’s people.
  26. How is the house-building going? Sand or rock?
  27. Pray for Falkirk Trinity Church and what the future might hold.
  28. These three remain: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love.
  29. Jesus calms the storm. May you know his peace today.
  30. God loves you and holds you precious in his eyes.
  31. I look to the hills, where will my help come from?

“May God’s blessing surround you each day as you trust him and walk in his way.”