For Prayer and Reflection

Some prayer suggestions and reflections for each day of December…

  1. World Aids Day – pray for all living with HIV and AIDS, and their families and communities.
  2. Wedding of C and S in Church today – pray for them and all newly-weds.
  3. First Sunday of Advent – O come, o come Emmanuel! Light a candle if safe to do so.
  4. Writing Christmas cards? As you write, pray for each recipient.
  5. Bereavement Services Conference – pray for all involved.
  6. St Nicholas Day – in many countries children receive small gifts – pray for all children.
  7. Covid has not gone away – pray for all still affected by the virus and its consequences.
  8. Give thanks for our NHS and all who work in it.
  9. Pray for the people of Israel/Palestine, Ukraine and the many other places of conflict.
  10. Second Sunday in Advent – come to Church, watch on line – make time for God today.
  11. Planning Christmas dinner? Buy a few wee extras for the Food Bank.
  12. Give thanks for all enabling and participating in Zoom Christmas Service.
  13. Pray for our Family Life Centre and all its work.
  14. Read Mary’s Song (Luke 1: 46-56) and reflect on the state of the world today.
  15. Preparing for our Christian festival, remember our brothers and sisters of other faiths.
  16. Pray for those who profess no faith, that the Christmas message of love may touch them.
  17. Third Sunday in Advent. Give thanks for 50 years of music from Falkirk Festival Chorus and come and sing with them this afternoon! Falkirk Tryst Orchestra to enjoy tonight too!
  18. Busy? Take a moment to sit down quietly and think of the real meaning of Christmas.
  19. Pray for people who are homeless, that they may find shelter and warmth.
  20. Remember Joseph and Mary, and all travelling at this time.
  21. Our shortest darkest day – give thanks for Jesus, the Light of the World.
  22. Pray for children and staff of Comely Park School as they come to Trinity for their service.
  23. Remember those who will be alone or far from loved ones at Christmas.
  24. Fourth Sunday in Advent – O hush the noise and still the strife to hear the angels sing.
  25. Love came down at Christmas. Welcome the Christ Child!
  26. Remember Wenceslas who cared for the poor, and all who work to eliminate poverty.
  27. Jesus and his family fled to Egypt as refugees. Pray for all who are made to flee their homes and seek refuge among strangers, that they may receive welcome and kindness.
  28. Pray for world leaders, that they may work together for an end to all war.
  29. At the end of the year, pray for those facing the end of life, their own or a loved one’s.
  30. Pray for all who have found 2023 difficult, that they may find peace and healing.
  31. Pack up the Old Year, prepare to let the new one in, and look forward in faith!


May God’s blessing surround you each day as you trust him and walk in his way.”