About us

Falkirk Trinity Church

We are a welcoming, lively and inclusive Church in the heart of Falkirk. We are imperfect but trying our best with God’s help to live out what we believe. So what do we believe?

We believe in varied, meaningful and relevant worship that gathers all ages as a family of God’s people where everyone is important.

We believe God’s Word is contained in the Bible and his Spirit helps us interpret the Bible for the times in which we live. We believe there is a Gospel bias to the poor. We see prayer as our continual conversation with God as he guides our daily lives. We believe in one God, revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the Creator who shaped this beautiful world and us, but people rejected God. He sent Jesus to tell us of his love and to take away our wrongdoing on the Cross, then he raised Jesus from death to offer us new life now and for always in heaven; he lives in us and works through us by his Holy Spirit. He calls us to be disciples and to make disciples.


All are welcome to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 11am. We encourage all people, of all ages, to join us in worship and to come to faith in their own time. Our worship approach is relatively informal and relaxed and we encourage members to participate in our services; to read, lead prayers, and to participate in drama.
Services last about an hour and are led by Rev Robert Allan. Our services can also be watched live online.

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Transforming Lives

As a Church, we are saddened by the state of the world where many people seem to ignore God, neglect their neighbours and care little for our planet. We want to change that and to bring people to know God through worship and action – giving fittingly of our time, talents and money and loving our neighbours, near and far.

We warmly invite you to share in our worship, work, vision and faith! Our main outreach focus is our Family Life Centre.

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Our Work in Tanzania

In September 2018, our Congregation began fundraising to cover the cost of sending volunteers to Tanzania with the Vine Trust to help build an orphanage. By May 2019, after months of fundraising efforts, we had raised almost £39,000 which allowed us to send twelve people out to Tanzania!

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Our Historic Church

There has been a Christian presence on this site since the 7th century! Although the current Church dates to 1811, the central square tower dates back to 1450.

Information leaflets are available for visitors in the Church vestibule and tours can be arranged by appointment.

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