Seasons for Growth Bereavement Support for Adults

Grief is not a problem to be solved.

It’s an experience to be supported and witnessed and held.

There’s no way around grief and loss – sooner or later you just have to go through it. And rebuilding your life can be really difficult. It takes a lot of courage to live life as a griever.

But joining a group can help – learning that there is no “right way” to grieve, feeling comfortable and supported, forming bonds, sharing in a safe place, feeling less isolated and setting aside a time to reflect and to learn from others.

“Seasons for Growth” Bereavement Support groups have been running regularly in Falkirk Trinity for five years.  The groups are open to anyone in the community who has experienced the death of someone close to them, whether recently or some time ago. The aim is to help the participants to think about how grief has affected them and to help them develop the skills and knowledge to understand and manage their grief.

The groups follow the “Seasons for Growth” programme, reflecting on change, loss and grief and exploring feelings and memories. We meet for four sessions of around two and a half hours with a break included. They are very informal and relaxed meetings, led by trained “Companions”. These are not counselling sessions or therapy, but simply an opportunity to listen, reflect and share with others. There is no charge.

Some feedback from participants –

  • It’s been a wonderful insight into grieving. I have enjoyed the companionship, the sincerity and the honesty within the group
  • It was a very well structured programme. The Companions make it easy to understand and I liked also how there was humour as well. Both Companions were very understanding and empathetic
  • A worthwhile programme which gives comfort and understanding

“Grief never ends but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love”

If you want to find out more or have any questions, then please email