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Platinum Jubilee

On Saturday 4th June, we held an Afternoon Tea to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

Labelled with Love in Falkirk Trinity

Labelled with Love in Falkirk Trinity

Labelled With Love was set up during the pandemic in the summer of 2020 to provide new school uniforms for children from families struggling financially. Links have been established with local schools, social work, community and health organisations.  We are led by where the need is greatest in supporting children and families and showing God’s love. We have now branched out into providing other items, such as winter jackets, shoes and wellies.

Each December we also provide a Christmas meal in a bag for local families in need.

We chose our name as each bag of clothing has a label on it: ‘With love from Falkirk Trinity Church’.

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Our Kazunzu Story

Despite the fact that, due to covid, no volunteer trips took place to Kazunzu in 2022, work has continued on the site. The local labourers have been building the community centre and are in the process of putting the roof on to the building. The plan is then to start work on the school on the site. This will enable the children who are living at Kazunzu to attend a local school rather than having to walk a great distance to the nearest one.

Eight houses have been built and furnished and a total of 58 people, 37 of whom are children,are living in these eight houses. Rather than just a “Mama” as originally planned, each house has a Mother and Father figure – some of the couples have children of their own who are living with them.

The two fish cages are in place and the tilapia (the local fish) are growing steadily. It is hoped they will be ready to be harvested in June or July. This will provide employment for the men living on site and help to make the project sustainable.

So although work hasn’t progressed as fast as originally envisaged, the work has continued and the site is developing, albeit a little slower than expected.

Having raised funds to send a team of volunteers from the church and also raised over £7000 to furnish and equip the two houses we built, as well as raising £1270 for the project from the sale of calendars, we are keen to maintain our links with Kazunzu.