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We have a Prayer Tree in the Vestibule. Please leave a message on this if you want prayers said for yourself or others.


 "Trinity Transforming Lives" - for prayer and reflection this week:

A prayer for our community offered by the Church of Scotland as part of the November prayer initiative…

Dear God,
We pray for our communities: the people we are called to love, the people amongst whom we work; us, together, within our communities; every one known to you and
loved by you.

Grant us discernment that we might know how to serve
in practical and spiritual ways, that we might more fully understand the lives of others, that we might embody the love of God in everything we do as part of these communities.

Grant us courage to stand with those on the margins, to challenge inequalities, to fight injustice and to be a light in the darkness.

Grant us humility, to recognise the poverty of our understanding and the depth of your wisdom, to acknowledge the riches of your grace and your endless desire to renew, as today, your presence renews our lives.
May our community be a place where the gifts of many are united in common purpose, where all are allowed to flourish and be valued, where together we are built into a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, as together we grow in love.


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