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Lent 2017 - Mary's Meals Backpacks 

During Lent, we will be collecting backpacks for Mary's Meals.  If you can, please donate a backpack filled with the following: notepad, pens, pencils, crayons, eraser, ruler, sharpener, pencil case, towel, shorts or skirt, t shirt or dress, flip flops or sandals, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, a small ball and a spoon. (you might wish to get together with some friends to make up a backpack.)
Handy Hints
• Clothing for children aged between 4-12 years is suitable.
• Second-hand items are fine if they are in good condition.
• Please label your backpack to indicate whether it is suitable for a boy or girl, and suggest what age.
• Please don’t include any liquids (including liquid soap) and don’t be tempted to add any other gifts such as toys or sweets, as these can cause problems with Customs during delivery.
Donations of money are also useful (please put into an envelope clearly marked and leave in the box on the table). Please note that all backpacks should be handed in by Sunday 9th of April.

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