Labelled with Love – other activities

Valentine Lunch with a Movie took place on 11th February. Our yearly event has become very popular. Everyone who comes along enjoys the afternoon.

Christmas Meal in a Bag December 2023 was our 4th year. Thanks to our congregation at Falkirk Trinity Church, the local community, friends and family, we were able to fill 51 bags with a Christmas Meal feeding 230 adults and children. They had been identified as greatly in need by Hallglen pantry, our two primary schools, one high school and the Social Work Department.

Hallglen Pantry Easter Walk is a fun event for families which we are happy to support each year.

Hallglen Primary School Hub provides two weeks of activities for some children over the summer holidays. We have support them each year by providing volunteers on each day.

The work of Labelled with Love is only possible thanks to the generosity and financial donations of church members and supporters. If you would like to support us as we raise funds for clothing, you can use this safe link to do so.

Please get in touch if you, or someone you know, needs help to provide school uniform or general clothing for their children. Your request will be treated confidentially. Phone 07592954234 or email Labelled with Love.