Buckets of Hope

Our Tanzania Twelve set out on Sunday 26th May 2019 on their trip to Kazunzu to start work building the first two houses in a sustainable village called Kazunzu Village of Hope on the shores of Lake Victoria. The complex will consist of a cluster of over 40 houses, constructed to home widows and orphans from the surrounding islands and shores, and will eventually be developed into a village which will include a primary school, vocational training centre and healthcare provision. This expedition gave the team an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

We are supporting the Vine Trust, a Scottish charity which started in Bo’ness and works with partner organisations based in Tanzania & Peru, building family homes and orphanages and providing primary medical care through medical ships.

Iain MacSween, one of the team, said “This project will bring hope to the people who live in the Kazunzu area, many of whom are suffering from HIV and Aids. A very high percentage of the children are orphaned as a result and desperately need accommodation. I hope the team can make a start on what is a very worthwhile project and encourage others to get involved. We are delighted with the support we have received for this project and the level of funds raised.”

The Tanzania Twelve kept a diary of their time in Kazunzu and you can read it here.

Kazunzu update – June 2020

A year ago just now the Tanzania Twelve were on site at Kazunzu. The impact of our visit has meant that our thoughts and prayers remain with the people of Kazunzu.

At the moment, all volunteer trips have been cancelled because of Covid 19. This means that no one is working on the site and the building work has reached a standstill. Eight houses have been built, six of which are ready for occupation. Two “families” had been identified and were ready to move in but unfortunately were unable to do so because of red tape. The Tanzanian authorities would not let it go ahead as they had categorised the development as an “orphanage” and consequently it had to meet the regulations required for orphanages.  It took some time to sort this out but the authorities have just recently agreed that the Kazunzu site is not an orphanage site so hopefully there can be some progress soon.

As there are no volunteer trips, the income for the Vine Trust has dropped considerably. The medical ships are also berthed. Covid 19 is getting a grip in the bigger cities like Dar Es Salam and in the town of Mwanza. The President insists that the virus is not a problem in Tanzania but also refuses to issue any figures. We just have to hope that in the more isolated areas like Kazunzu, they can keep the virus at bay.

Our fundraising target for 2020 was to raise £7000 which would fully kit out the first two houses, providing furniture, animals, crops, tools etc. Thanks to all who have supported fundraising events and made donations, we have raised £6581. Once lockdown restrictions are eased, we hope to raise the remainder.