In Search of Easter Treasure Hunt!

In Search of Easter is a treasure hunt for children and families, using a series of poster style clue sheets displayed around the church yard, to encourage conversation and help piece together the Easter story and its significance. This will be available for Holy week, the week leading up to Easter, and for a few days after Easter.

Remember you should only go with your own family or 2 people from your family and 2 people from another family, just now so that we follow Covid guidelines.

How does it work?

Five clue sheets are displayed around the church grounds. Three of these clue sheets contain QR codes, which can be scanned to access video clues. The other two clue sheets have puzzle or picture clues, with a task to do as your family explore area. Each of the clues contains a hidden letter, and these five letters can be rearranged to create the password for a final video that links together the stories experienced in the clues. You will not need to find or scan the clues in any particular order for the treasure hunt to work.